Issues Related to Double Watch Winders

The best double watch winder offers multiple benefits, especially when it comes to keeping the good quality and performance of automatic watches. However, this does not mean that there are no concerning issues surrounding this device. Some people even question whether watch winders are totally safe for their luxury watches or not.

Can Double Watch Winders Overwind Watches?

It should be impossible for a double watch winder to overwind an automatic mechanical watch, just like you should not be able to overwind your watch by manually winding it. Automatic watches are equipped with a slip-clutch in place. The slip-clutch makes sure that the watch’s mainspring will not get overwound. So that the mainspring will not likely be damaged due overwinding.

However, constant engagement of the slip-clutch through overwinding can cause excessive wear and tear on the slip-clutch itself. Eventually, this can lead to damage to the automatic mechanism of the watch. So, there is indeed a risk of the slip-clutch getting damaged if constant overwinding occurs. But as long as you choose the best double watch winder for your specific watch brand and you turn it at the correct TPD or Turns Per Day for the correct amount, there should not be any damages threatening your luxury watch.

Can Double Watch Winders Magnetize Watches?

Thanks to modern technology, there are small chances that double watch winders can magnetize your automatic watch. There are some stories from people who purchased cheap double watch winders and they negatively affect their watches. So, what you can do is make sure that you buy a good-quality watch winder. A good-quality double watch winder for reputable brands will not likely harm your luxury watch. They have a shield that protects the motor, preventing the winder from magnetizing the watch. You do not have to worry if you buy the best double watch winder.

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