3 Simple Steps To Use A Rolex Automatic Watch Winder

You have to learn how to use a Rolex automatic watch winder if you are new to this product. Using a watch winder is not as complicated as you can imagine. Follow the steps below, so you can safely put a Rolex watch in a watch winder and get benefits from it. 

Manually Winding the Rolex Watch 

You are about to use an automatic watch winder. Because of that, you have to manually wound your Rolex watch. Unscrew the winding crown. Then, turning the crown on the watch 20 to 30 times. 

Place the Rolex Watch 

After that, you can put the watch in the watch winder. Ensure that the watch is fully seated in the holder of the Rolex automatic watch winder. It is also the time to set the watch winder. You have to adjust the TPD and the rotation mode. Adjust the TPD to its lowest setting if you don’t understand it yet. Choose the bi-directional rotation mode, although it depends on the watch.

Turn On the Watch Winder 

Turn on the watch winder if everything is ready. Keep the device working for over the next 48 hours or so. Check and see the watch. Ensure that the watch still shows the accurate time. Let your Rolex watch on the watch winder for two days. You are using the right setting if the watch still shows an accurate time after two days. If it is not, change the setting by increasing the TPD. You can also set the rotation mode by setting it clockwise or counterclockwise. Find more information about the way to adjust a watch winder, so you don’t have to set it over and over again. 

Now, you know that setting a Rolex automatic watch winder is easy. You only have to carefully follow the instructions. Ensure that you use the proper setting. That’s it! You can keep the performance of your Rolex watches by using an automatic watch winder.

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